Metro Fitness Club classes are designed to motivate and energize our members and guests!  We integrate a variety of exercise philosophies into our programming that will help you move, perform and feel better in your everyday life.  Classes are programmed daily using both body weight and a variety of equipment including kettlebells, ropes, sleds, dumbbells, rowers, bikes, TRX, and more.

Bring a friend and enjoy a challenging hour of fun, energy, and intensity!  Experience our fitness edge!

Classes are complimentary to members.  Day and class pass specials are available to guests.   

Class Components

45-60 Minute Total Duration
Dynamic Warm-up
Core Component – 15-30 Minute Workout
Post Workout Stretching and Mobility Segment


Skill Development – Plyometrics – Agility
Speed – Balance – Strength – Core – Range of Motion



High Intensity Interval Training classes remain a leading trend in the fitness industry.  HIIT is designed to “torch” calories and strengthen your entire body.  This interval-based approach combines body weight training with various functional equipment and high intensity cardio bursts, designed to tone and sculpt your body.  It is a fast-paced metabolic conditioning class that will push you to your limits! 

Denise Interval.jpg



Strength and Endurance

Challenge yourself with this class. All levels of fitness can participate in this program focusing on body-weight and the 7 functional movements.  Core. Squat. Push. Hinge. Pull. Agility. Bend.  Programmed in three distinct workout blocks, this class will work the total body!




Form and Function

Highly requested by our members, this class exposes participants to strength building and tone sculpting techniques. Using a hands-on training approach, our instructor will direct and educate participants on how to perform complex exercises safely and effectively.  The class then flows through a series of functional training circuits that will challenge one’s physical and mental capacity.  Come train like a true athlete! 




Happy Hour

Join the gang early Saturday morning for a fun filled hour to get your weekend started right!